Economy DIY Website

Get access to all the features, design it all by yourself.

These prices include the theme, plugins, forms and functions like a payment gateway. Forms, payment gateway integration and language switchers are also included.

You pay only for the cost of our excellent value hosting.

£72 + VAT/ year (82€/ year + VAT)

We set you up with the WordPress engine and template and you build the site yourself. You can choose one of the templates in the library.

Portfolio Website

Show off the photos of your products or services in stylish online albums.

£360 + VAT (500€ incl. VAT)

For this price, we build the site for you – adding your branding and all your content. This price includes one years hosting and a simple domain name ending in .org or .com. A site like this can take around 3 weeks to build depending on how prepared your content is. What you pay for subsequent years of running the site, is just for the excellent value hosting, £72 + VAT/ year (82€/ year + VAT) and the price of the domain name.

Are you ready to present your product or service online, in a succinct and beautiful way? Do you want an easy to use and easy to navigate website like this one? If you require a website with more elaborate website functions, we can also help.

We offer websites with excellent value hosting. You can have as many pages as you like, including a blog. Pictures can be displayed in various styled galleries and also in parallax scrolling. All websites are responsive in design, so they present themselves nicely on all screen sizes.

Domain names

You can have your own name plus .art at the end. For example
£25/ year.
.org and .com domains usually come in at around £8 or £9/ year.

Custom design

When you desire greater functionality, such as a web shop or if you want to offer your clients a specific user experience, we will quote separately for this. Contact us to make a meeting and we will diagnose the best solutions for your needs.

Prices start from £1000. Hosting price may vary too, depending on your requirements and how much traffic you expect.

Updating the site yourself

Once the site is completed, we send you off with sufficient online tutorials that teach you how to make updates yourself, freeing you from the constrains of paying a web master for any minor corrections and changes. Though, if you do need our services again, we are happy to work for an hourly rate. WordPress backend is user friendly – it’s like using Word.

Free website maintenance with our excellent value hosting

Bots are a fact of life on the internet. They seek out old code and use it as a security weakness to hack into your site. Once in, they generally corrupt the code on your website and redirect users to other less desirable content. As a bonus with the excellent value hosting that we offer, we do your website security for free. You will get regular updates help to prevent any hacking and back ups are made in case you need to roll back to where your site was before the bots got in. We take care of all this for you.